RidNacs 1.0.2

See how space is distributed in your hard drive


  • Very fast
  • Built-in with Windows Explorer
  • Export analysis to several formats


  • No advanced options

Not bad

No matter how big your hard drive, there comes a moment when you suddenly realize there are only a few megabytes left. Now where did all that space go?

The answer to this question is offered by RidNacs, a really simple disk analyzer that scans the hard drive – or any selected folder – and displays a list with colored bars showing the percentage of disk space used by folders, sub-folders and files.

RidNacs is very easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Analyses are quite fast, though it obviously depends on your hard drive's size and the data you have stored on it. The results are very comfortable to read, and can be exported to different formats (CSV, TXT, XML and HTML). Plus you can also launch RidNacs from Windows Explorer's context menu.

RidNacs is generally simpler than other similar disk analyzers and it doesn't feature any advanced options. On the upside, it's fast, easy to use and helps you take control over your disk space.

Need to know where all that hard drive space is being used? RidNacs analyzes your disk and has the answer for you.



RidNacs 1.0.2

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